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Montgomery County Parental Relocation Lawyers

When one parent wants to move far away, the situation is very difficult for the whole family. This takes the child away from one parent, resulting in very limited contact for long periods. The family and the court must consider such parental relocation requests carefully.

At Avery & Upton, we have significant experience with relocation cases, including those involving military families. We understand that moving away may be necessary for one parent, but that this must be balanced with the needs of the child and other parent. Our Montgomery County parental relocation attorneys will represent either the parent requesting or contesting the relocation.

We Help Families Work Through Move-Aways

In all matters involving child custody, the standard is the best interests of the child. Because we serve as best-interest attorneys, we are thoroughly familiar with the standard in Maryland. We can assess your case and its chances of success. Whether we work through mediation, negotiation, or litigation, we can effectively argue your position.

While parental relocation may be necessary in any family, it is especially common in military families. If a parent is deployed out of state or overseas, the custody agreement will need to be modified. Attorney Bruce Avery was in the military for 20 years, spending 15 of them as a JAG Corps lawyer. He truly understands the implications of military life on families and will work to protect your relationship with your children.

We also have experience with cases involving a parent moving to a nearby area such as Virginia or Washington, D.C. When a change in custody affects a parent's income and/or the number of overnight visits each parent has with the child, the child support orders will likely be modified as well. We can represent you in these matters.

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http://www.averyuptonlaw.com/ 301-762-7644 Avery & Upton is located in Rockville and represents clients in divorce and asset division cases throughout Maryland. Contact our Montgomery County family law attorneys to discuss your case.

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http://www.averyuptonlaw.com/ 301-762-7644 Rockville family law attorneys of Avery & Upton are experienced in complex divorce litigation cases. When a family law case needs to be resolved by the Maryland courts, we offer litigation representation.

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