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Dog Whisperer divorce requires ex-wife to stay quiet

Cesar Millán, more likely known to Maryland residents as "The Dog Whisperer," has finalized his divorce after filing nearly two years ago.

Millán reportedly has an income of $170,000 per month. He will pay his ex-wife $23,000 every month in spousal support and an additional $10,000 per month in child support, averaging $5,000 for each of their two children.

Millán and his ex-wife, Ilusión, married in 1994 before his career as a celebrity dog trainer took off. He was technically with her for eighteen years, however, they filed for divorce in 2010.

According to their divorce papers, Ilusión is seeking primary custody of the children. Millán will likely have visitation rights. The child custody issue is not completely settled, however, as an award of custody is a separate proceeding than divorce.

Millán will also pay his ex-wife a one-time sum of $400,000.

Aside from the monetary payments, one of the key features to the divorce agreement is that it requires the couple to maintain media silence regarding their personal lives. The agreement specifies that both partners keep confidential all "intimate, personal and/or private information about the other party." This includes "details of their personal and/or sexual relationships."

In addition, Ilusión must not provide the media with any "photograph, film, videotape, recording" of Millán that is not already available for purchase.

These privacy provisions illustrate an important aspect of divorce; it is sometimes possible for both parties to get what they want through proper negotiation. Millán apparently wanted to keep some aspects of his personal life out of the public eye, and his ex-wife will be able to maintain a lifestyle on a scale relative to the one she enjoyed while they were married.

Source: Fox News Latino, "Dog Whisperer Facing Big Payout in Divorce," April 23, 2012

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