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Heidi Klum and Seal's High Asset Divorce

As Maryland residents may have heard, Heidi Klum and her husband, famed singer Seal, have become the latest example of the kind of issues that come up as couples go through a high asset divorce.

Both Klum and Seal enjoy high incomes. In addition to her illustrious modeling career, Klum is a successful television producer and reality television judge. Seal has won four Grammy awards. However, Klum has been much more successful financially than her husband. She has an estimated worth of $70 million, whereas Seal has a worth of about $15 million.

At issue is the couple's postnuptial agreement which attempts to govern how the couple will divide their assets. A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement except that a couple enters into a postnuptial agreement after marriage instead of before.

Klum claims that the couple's postnuptial agreement requires that certain assets not be split as a result of the divorce. However, Seal has disputed Klum's interpretation of the postnuptial agreement.

Seal is also disputing Klum's proposed child custody arrangement. He would like joint custody of the couple's children. They have three children together. Klum also has a child from a previous marriage.

In contrast, Klum wants full custody which would leave Seal with visitation rights. Some claim that Seal's frequent and unexplained long absences as well as his alleged failure to be there for his family have contributed to Klum's seeking a divorce in the first place.

This specific case illustrates how difficult a divorce can be. Because a divorce can quickly become complex it is best to rely on an experienced attorney.

Source: Hollywood Life, "Heidi Klum & Seal's Post-Divorce Custody Battle Heats Up," Giovanna Pagliarulo, April 18, 2012

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