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NFL star's wife seeks divorce after domestic violence arrest

Maryland residents may have heard the headlines recently about the NFL star Chad Johnson and his wife Evelyn Lozada. The NFL star was arrested for domestic violence, after the couple apparently engaged in a heated argument. Following the incident, Lozada was treated for lacerations to her forehead. Subsequently, Johnson's professional career was dealt a heavy blow when he was immediately terminated from the Miami Dolphins football team, and the couple's new VH1 TV reality series was also dropped.

As frequently happens when domestic abuse allegations are made, a divorce is now being sought by Lozada. According to the article, the couple did have a premarital agreement which presumably will serve as a guide for marital property distribution and the distribution of assets. The terms of the prenuptial agreement are unknown, so it is not yet clear whether she will seek spousal support from the NFL star.

Lozada released a statement indicating that she hopes her actions will inspire other victims of domestic violence to take a stand against their abusers. Domestic violence happens to people in all walks of life. Unfortunately, the victims of domestic violence are frequently too afraid or ashamed to seek help. Hopefully, this very public case of what appears to be a violent attack will raise awareness about this pervasive and serious problem.

Fortunately, Maryland courts take all allegations of domestic violence very seriously. If she hasn't already done so, Lozada may likely pursue a temporary protective order in civil court. This order can be obtained immediately in the state of Maryland following any incident of domestic abuse. Then a final hearing will be scheduled within one week from the entry of the Temporary order. At the hearing, the judge can address all pertinent issues such as child custody and support and spousal support if need be.

Source: The Washington Post, "Evelyn Lozada's rep says star has filed for divorce from Chad Johnson after arrest," The Associated Press, Aug. 14, 2012

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