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Assessing finances crucial for asset division in divorce

Maryland residents know that a divorce usually means that both spouses will undergo significant changes to their respective financial portfolios. Many of those who are facing the prospect of asset division during an impending divorce would be well-advised to seek financial help in order to better understand what their assets and liabilities are going to be before they agree to any particular asset division.

Divorcing Maryland residents should examine insurance policies

A divorce can have dramatic effects on all aspects of a person's life, particularly when it comes to one's individual financial well-being. Maryland residents need to be aware of what individual and joint insurance policies are in effect during the process of asset division in a divorce, and should examine all of their individual insurance policies to see what impact a divorce may or may not have on them. An equitable distribution of assets in a divorce must therefore also include an examination of all insurance policies in effect at the time of the divorce. This will ensure that no one is left without the important insurance coverage they need following a divorce.

Mel Gibson gave ex part of his pensions in high asset divorce

Maryland residents are likely familiar with the star of the movie "Braveheart," "Lethal Weapon" and many others. It has now been revealed that as part of his high asset divorce, which is considered to be one of the most expensive in Hollywood history, Mel Gibson's ex-wife will be receiving one half of his retirement benefits from the Screen Actors Guild and also a big portion of his retirement benefits from the Director's Guild of America. In addition to all of this, she will be receiving half of the benefits the star accumulated during their marriage through their production company, Icon.

Technology can aggravate poor parental behavior

Maryland residents, just as the rest of the country, have become more and more dependent on technology as a primary tool for communication. A professor of human development at the University of Missouri has published a study after interviewing 49 divorced parents. He found that poor parental behavior was exacerbated by the use of technology such as e-mail and texting to withhold or manipulate information from the other parent.

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