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Why should we go through divorce mediation?

Maryland residents should know that mediation may be the most valuable key to surviving a divorce with the least possible financial and emotional turmoil. Where a typical court proceeding is adversarial in nature, the divorce mediation process is just the opposite. A neutral mediator assists parties in arriving at an agreement both sides can agree upon, giving each person the chance to have all of their individual needs addressed. In contrast to an adversarial proceeding, mediation emphasizes cooperative problem solving.

There are several important reasons to engage in the mediation process. One of the benefits of mediation is that it takes place outside of the courtroom, significantly reducing legal expenses. This also allows each party a chance to have their position heard and to decide the terms of their agreement themselves. Mediation can be a faster process than litigating in court. During mediation, everything remains completely confidential, in contrast to court proceedings which usually become a matter of public record. Additionally, a couple's children will not participate in mediation so they will not experience the stress of a child custody battle firsthand.

The mediation process isn't about winning or losing. It is merely about settling the issues. Divorce mediation can take place at any time, day or night, so the parties can choose a time that works with their schedule, rather than relying on the crowded court docket. Mediation also allows for the tailoring of an agreement specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each party, and it can facilitate good communication between the parties post-divorce.

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