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Good parental behavior is crucial to a successful divorce

Maryland residents with children whose parents are going through a divorce should be aware of some important tips that will go a long way in helping their children cope with the process of divorce and life afterwards. Positive parental behavior is a key component in ensuring that children are better equipped to deal with the emotional challenges and disruptions that even the most amicable divorce can bring to their lives.

First, divorcing parents should realize that even though they may be separating their lives from each other, they will always have a connection with one another through their children. This connection will continue even into the children's adult lives.

Second, it is important for the children not to be drawn into adult problems that can sometimes stem from a divorce proceeding. They don't deserve to be saddled with the concerns of financial fears or depression.

Finally, divorcing parents should never use their children as messengers or force their children to divulge information regarding the ex-spouse. Divorcing parents should be able to communicate between themselves in an open and cordial manner. And striving to remain flexible about parenting agreements is crucial in the face of the inevitable curves life will throw at us.

The issues surrounding children in any divorce such as child custody, visitation rights, primary custody, joint custody and child support can often be the most contentious and emotional issues to sort out. In addressing these issues, the court focuses primarily on what is in the best interests of the child.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Parenting Tips While Going Through Divorce," Micki McWade, Oct. 30, 2012

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