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Do Moore, Kutcher, face contentious high asset divorce?

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are some of the most famous names in show business. Their tumultuous relationship has been the fodder of many gossip columns throughout Maryland and the rest of the country in the past year. They announced that they were calling it quits a little over a year ago, after pictures of Kutcher surfaced with other women. Formal divorce proceedings were only recently begun, however. Kutcher filed the papers earlier this month.

Does infidelity affect equitable distribution in Maryland?

Marital infidelity is a very common occurrence and a primary reason for many divorces across the country. However, Maryland has not followed in the footsteps of many states that have effectively abolished adultery as grounds for filing for dissolution of a marriage. A claim of adultery is in fact a valid one for initiating a fault-based divorce in the state of Maryland.

Collaborative law approach to divorce makes steady gains

In Maryland, and across the country, the collaborative approach to family law is steadily gaining acceptance nationwide as a valid and smart alternative for many reasons. Collaborative divorce requires both parties to sign an agreement to work out their differences out of court. The collaborative process is all about engaging in open communication and trying to understand each spouse's needs and viewpoints when approaching a settlement.

New facility in Baltimore for victims of domestic violence

Maryland residents are welcoming a new center, which was funded by the Office for Violence Against Women. The brand new center, which is located in Baltimore, has been constructed especially to benefit the innocent children of what is frequently referred to as the silent killer: domestic violence. Now, the children of victims of domestic violence have a safe place to go to visit with their parents. The facility is especially designed to ensure the safety of all the children and parents who use it. The children are allowed to visit with their parents while being supervised by an independent observer. The center is now operational and can serve up to 28 Maryland families at one time.

Tips for Maryland divorcees facing asset division issues

The prospect of a divorce can be upsetting emotionally and financially. Both women and men who are in the process of a divorce or anticipating one in the near future should do whatever is possible to best prepare themselves in both respects.

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