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Do Moore, Kutcher, face contentious high asset divorce?

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are some of the most famous names in show business. Their tumultuous relationship has been the fodder of many gossip columns throughout Maryland and the rest of the country in the past year. They announced that they were calling it quits a little over a year ago, after pictures of Kutcher surfaced with other women. Formal divorce proceedings were only recently begun, however. Kutcher filed the papers earlier this month.

Considering the earning capacity of both parties, it seems likely that the action will constitute a high asset divorce. Some analysts have suggested that the divorce was filed late in the year in order to avoid additional tax consequences that may occur should the filing have waited until 2013.

Moore was at one time the highest paid actress in Hollywood, and Kutcher is now the highest paid actor on television. Although their net worth is not known, the equitable distribution of assets and property may be a challenging proposition due to their substantial combined net worth.

It is also not known whether a prenuptial agreement was entered into prior to the marriage by the parties. A prenuptial agreement is a very effective tool for couples with substantial assets, as it pre-determines who will receive certain assets and property that has been identified should a divorce occur in the future between the parties. In this way it greatly simplifies the process of equitable distribution, which can lead to significant savings in court litigation and fees for both parties.

It has been reported that there may still be some financial issues yet to resolve in this divorce. Although Kutcher is reportedly not seeking spousal support, it is possible that Moore is. She is thought to have received as much as $90 million in the settlement following her divorce with actor Bruce Willis, and there are reports she is also seeking a significant sum from Kutcher.

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