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High asset divorce of Kim Kardashian now set for trial

Most Maryland residents are probably familiar with the reality television series that feature the Kardashian family. Arguably the most famous family member of the clan, Kim Kardashian, has made the headlines recently as she revealed that she is pregnant with Kayne West's child. However, she is also currently in the process of ending her marriage with husband, Kris Humphries, who she sought a divorce from after only 72 days of marriage. This high asset divorce has now been scheduled for a trial.

The case is an intriguing one from a legal perspective because Humphries will likely argue that the marriage should be annulled because it was never valid in the first place. Although often difficult to show, an annulment is possible in some circumstance such as fraud or lack of consent. He believes that Kardashian only married him for the sake of boosting the ratings of her reality television show. In cases like these, if the person seeking an annulment were to prevail, it would be as if the marriage never occurred. This would put Humphries in a much better legal position in legal issues related to the divorce, such as property division. For her part, Kardashian would like to settle things prior to the birth of her child with her new beau.

The divorce is currently scheduled for a trial on May of this year. Humphries, an NBA basketball player who is currently in season, was hoping for a delay until the season was over, but it appears that the case will move forward.

High asset divorces can be particularly complex and difficult to navigate, particularly when emotions are running high. Issues such as asset division, equitable distribution of property, spousal support and division of marital property can seem nearly impossible to overcome. An experienced family law attorney can help anyone facing this difficult time in obtaining the best possible outcome in such matters.

Source: USA Today, "Kardashian divorce: Judge sets trial date," Ann Oldenburg, Feb. 15, 2013

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