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Deion Sanders wins child custody battle

Many Maryland residents may be familiar with former NFL Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders. Recently, he was embroiled in a very contentious child custody battle with his ex, Pilar Sanders. The couple has three children together. The dispute centered on the issue of which parent should be awarded primary custody of the children.

According to reports, 11 of the 12 jury members voted in favor of granting primary custody to Deion Sanders. They reportedly came to their decision in less than two hours. According to the reports, the judge must now determine what the visitation and custody schedule will be. The reports indicate that the couple's only daughter may be sharing her time equally with each parent, while the two sons would primarily be residing with their father.

In many contested child custody cases, parental behavior can be an important factor in determining which parent should be awarded child custody. If it can be proven that a parent is using the children to get under his or her ex's skin, they may be adversely affected in a custody determination by this behavior. The primary objective of any custody determination is what is in the best interests of the minor child. This is paramount and takes precedence over everything else.

Child custody disputes can be emotionally draining and very difficult for all the parties involved. It is important to make this process as stress-free as possible for the benefit of the children. Due to the complexities of child custody disputes, it is best to obtain as much information as possible when considering such an action. An experienced family law attorney can assist in helping someone with this type of case to obtain the best possible outcome.

Source: wfaa.com, "Jury decides custody of Deion Sanders' children," Marcus Moore and Jason Whitely, March 12, 2013

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