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April 2013 Archives

Domestic Violence Center to hold basketball tournament

Readers of this blog may be familiar with previous posts documenting the new push in the state of Maryland to raise awareness about a pervasive threat that in the past was rarely spoken of in public. So much so, in fact, that it was referred to as the "silent epidemic." Domestic violence is now recognized as a very serious issue facing the residents of Maryland from all walks of life. Recently, this post has reported on how the state has been recognized as a leader in combating this difficult issue.

Are high asset divorce rates declining?

Maryland residents may be interested to learn that the rate of divorces throughout the country has fallen in the last ten years or so. Every state has experienced a decline in the number of divorce filings when the data from 2009 is compared to the data from 2000. The reasons for this decline are not yet understood, but many experts feel that the sluggish economy may have played a part. Some also point to the fact the women are earning much more than they did ten years ago and many more people are also choosing to live together prior to marriage.

New ruling may affect child custody determinations

An interesting family law case has just been decided, which involved a couple that was engaged in a contentious divorce case. The couple was litigating the issue of child custody in court. Maryland residents know that child custody battles can be highly emotional and draining to all parties involved. Sometimes, parents let their emotions get the best of them and say things they may later regret. Now, with the advent of social media, those comments that are made to each other may be recorded forever. They may also be accessible to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other individuals.

More families turning to collaborative law in divorce

Alternative dispute resolution is an area of law that refers to the use of alternatives to the traditional process of law as a method for resolving complex legal issues. Such alternatives are used in everything from intricate business dealings and financial matters to family law disputes and landlord/tenant conflicts. The following is about the use of one particular form of alternative dispute resolution, collaborative law, to resolve complex family law matters.

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