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Many unhappy couples say they lack the courage to divorce

Marriage is supposed to be a union that makes each party to the relationship happy. Yet, as we all know, many marriages start out great, but then turn into something different, defined by disagreements and emotional strain. While many in these situations decide to get a divorce, many others remain married despite their marital difficulties. A recent study may have found out why.

According to the study, most unhappy spouses choose not to get divorced because they lack courage. In addition, these spouses' fear financial instability, loneliness, losing their home, guilt, and negatively impacting their children. The study also found 15 percent of spouses wished they had married someone else, and 29 percent would advise younger individuals to avoid marriage.

While many of the concerns voiced during the survey are justifiable, quite often unhappy couples that stay together make life worse for themselves and their children. All members of the family become exposed to emotional pain, emotional outbursts, and, sometimes, physical abuse. Divorce may seem like a scary option for many, but the process does not have to involve arguments in a court room.

Instead, divorce mediation can make the process a lot smoother and more civil. Through this dispute resolution, a neutral mediator sits the parties down and helps them come to an agreement on disputed marital legal issues. This may include child custody, child support, alimony, and property division. Mediation allows the divorcing couple to have the situation viewed by an unbiased individual who can help them determine what is fair.

Divorce does not have to be an emotionally devastating event. Instead, an experienced divorce mediator can help the parties split amicably so that each can continue with their lives and find happiness again.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce Study Shows Couples Are Unhappy, But Too Scared To Split," Jul. 18, 2013

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