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Many choosing collaborative law to save money and energy

Before couples say their vows, most feel as if their marriage will last a lifetime. However, many times these marriages end in disarray. When it comes time to divorce, splitting couples may find themselves facing difficult legal issues including property division, spousal support, child custody, visitation rights, and child support. The parties to the divorce have many options to choose from when deciding how to address these issues. They can litigate it in court in front of a judge, or they can choose an alternative method. One of those methods, collaborative law, is catching on and may be cheaper and less heart-wrenching than a typical litigated divorce.

Judge determines Usher will retain custody of son

Many legal issues may arise when divorce proceedings are initiated. Child custody, asset division, child support, and alimony must all be agreed to by the parties or a judge will impose what she believes is best. However, these issues do not disappear once a final determination is made. Instead, some issues, like child custody, can be challenged when an event or a series of events makes the child's custodial parent unfit to care for the child. A recent incident involving a celebrity father helps illustrate when such challenges can arise.

Two killed as result of domestic violence

Sadly, domestic violence is a common occurrence in Rockville. Those who find themselves the victim of domestic abuse are in a dangerous situation. Yet, oftentimes these individuals choose not to leave the abuser for fear of retaliation. This choice, unfortunately, can lead to disastrous consequences not only for the spouse or ex-spouse being abused, but also for any children in the home. A recent heart-wrenching incident raises awareness of the dangers of domestic violence and why help should be sought immediately by those facing abuse.

Collaborative law may be best for determining spousal support

It is no secret that divorce can be an emotionally draining and upsetting time for any spouse. Arguments can arise over any and all marital legal issues including property division, spousal support, visitation rights, child support, and child custody. One of the most important aspects of a divorce is to plan for financial stability. While this may be obtained by going through the courts, it may not always, as some experts believe, be in an individual's best interest.

Online tool seeks to raise awareness of and prevent abuse

Domestic abuse occurs in many homes across the country. Unfortunately, many abusers may be unaware they are abusing another in the residence. When this happens, an abuse victim may be left feeling helpless and in a dangerous situation.

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