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Famous music producer's wife files for divorce

For many, divorce is extremely difficult. The emotional toll taken on the parties involved can be immense, which may cause serious outbursts, arguments, and depression. On top of the pain and difficulty caused by the thought of ending a marriage, a couple must also deal with the realities of asset division. The division of property can be difficult for any divorcing couple, but it can be especially complex for those dealing with a high asset divorce.

One well-known couple may be about to go through such a divorce. Monique Mosley, the wife of famed music producer Timbaland, born Timothy Mosley, has filed for divorce. She has also sought many demands with the dissolution including alimony, child support for the couple's child and a child from a previous relationship, private schooling expenses, and compensation for summer camps. Not mentioned in reports, but also likely an issue, is the couple's other property which may include cars and a house.

When a couple has a high income and a lot of property, the dividing process can be complex. An experienced divorce attorney can help the couple determine which property is marital property and the value of that property. Usually these are assets that were acquired after the marriage and may include homes, cars, retirement accounts, and savings. Maryland is an equitable distribution state, meaning property is often distributed 50/50 between the parties. However, some exceptions exist, such as if the marriage was short or one person has an addiction. In these instances a judge may divide the property in a way that seems most fair.

Asset division is often a contentious experience. Many times, both parties want the same property, such as a house, and giving the property to one party may leave the other feeling cheated. A competent, caring attorney, though, can help a client develop an asset division plan that works in his or her interest in the long run. When emotions run on high and the long-term is hard to see, it can be invaluable to have a trusted ally on one's side.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Timbaland's Wife Files For Divorce And Has A Long List Of Demands," Oct. 17, 2013

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