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Wedding color scheme argument leads to domestic violence

Couples can get into arguments over a lot of different things. Many times, the arguments remain verbal and are quickly laid to rest. Some, though, explode into a physical altercation, placing one or both parties at serious risk of harm. Children, too, are sometimes put at risk of physical and emotional injuries when they find themselves in the middle of these disputes. Maryland residents should take note of these situations and be aware of what they can do to protect themselves should they find themselves facing similar circumstances.

Reasons why collaborative divorce may be good for Marylanders

Divorces can take many different paths. In one option, a couple seeks to dissolve its marriage through litigation. This process can take some time, and the adversarial nature may lead to heated arguments. Litigation also puts family law decisions like property division, spousal support, child custody, child support, and visitation rights in the hands of a judge. While many of Maryland's residents choose this option, if the couple gets along and wishes to split amicably, then a collaborative divorce may be an alternate option.

Police officer arrested on domestic violence charges

As scary as it may sound, anyone can fall victim to domestic violence. Those who seem calm and even those who are in a position to protect and serve can become enraged, placing other individuals at risk of serious harm. This happened recently when a six-year veteran of a police force was arrested and charged with assault, criminal restraint and domestic battery. The charges stem from a domestic abuse call which later led to a stand-off. There is no word yet as to the condition of the victim.

Collaborative law may help with divorce's financial resolution

With divorce comes many legal issues, any of which may be hotly contested. A couple parting ways may fight over property, children, and spousal and child support. While many people are inundated with stories of ugly divorce disputes, the fact is couples can seek to avoid such a difficult resolution. Through collaborative practice, experts can provide the necessary guidance to help the couple reach an outcome that is as fair and favorable as possible.

Settlement reached in Rupert Murdoch's high asset divorce

Divorce can be difficult in any situation, but it can be especially complex when the couple has a high income and a lot of assets. A high asset divorce can bring challenges related to asset division which, if not handled properly, can leave an individual feeling as if he or she did not get a fair share of the marital property. One famous couple has reached an agreement regarding their divorce, and Maryland residents should take note of how these situations can be handled.

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