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Wedding color scheme argument leads to domestic violence

Couples can get into arguments over a lot of different things. Many times, the arguments remain verbal and are quickly laid to rest. Some, though, explode into a physical altercation, placing one or both parties at serious risk of harm. Children, too, are sometimes put at risk of physical and emotional injuries when they find themselves in the middle of these disputes. Maryland residents should take note of these situations and be aware of what they can do to protect themselves should they find themselves facing similar circumstances.

To illustrate how dangerous these instances can be, one need only look to a recent domestic violence case in the news. On Christmas Day, a couple got into a verbal argument about the color scheme for their wedding. When the man tried to leave the house, his fiancé stabbed him in the upper body. He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, but he may be emotionally scarred forever. Marylanders in violent relationships should seek immediate help to prevent such an occurrence to happen to them.

When one is a victim of domestic abuse, he or she may often feel at risk of imminent harm. If this is the case, then he or she should immediately call 9-1-1 for help. Police that arrive at the scene can stop an altercation and remove any dangerous individuals.

At any time of the week, day or night, a domestic abuse victim can seek a Temporary Protective Order. These orders last seven days and provide a victim with temporary relief from the threat posed by the other person. Before the Temporary Protective Order expires, a hearing will be held to determine whether a permanent protection order is necessary.

An attorney can be pivotal in obtaining the protection an individual needs from an abuser. Additionally, an attorney can discuss with the victim how a protection order could affect other pending legal issues such as divorce and child custody. This legal assistance can help the victim feel safe, allowing him or her to continue their life without the undeserved fear of serious harm.

Source: NBC 14 News, "Deputies: Woman stabs fiancĂ© after argument over wedding color scheme," Lara Saavedra, Dec. 26, 2013

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