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Wife of Maryland Senator files for divorce

Readers of this blog are well aware of the legal issues that may arise during a divorce proceeding. Especially when the divorce does not end amicably, disputes arising out of these issues can be highly contentious. The battles can become even more intense when one party has a high income or it is a high asset divorce. Couples in these situations may have difficulty valuing assets and deciding upon asset division, child support and alimony. In addition to facing these complications, a high profile divorce may be damaging to one's reputation and career.

A Maryland politician may be about to face this situation after his wife recently filed for divorce. In the divorce documents, the wife accuses the State Senator of having an affair with a former aide. The Senator's wife now seeks alimony and ownership of the couple's home. The Senator is seeking to minimize public access to divorce records in order to protect him from blackmail, coercion and other financial harms. With his reputation and his financial well-being on the line, this Senator may be facing a grueling divorce process.

Those Marylanders who find themselves in these situations should seek to familiarize themselves with the divorce process. A divorce attorney who has years of experience can sit with a party to not only clarify the process, but also to help develop a legal strategy that seeks to protect the party's best interests. This may mean seeking out hidden accounts and property as well as valuing the couple's marital property. Additionally, an attorney may be able to negotiate the divorce with the other side in a way that protects financial interests and reputations.

The emotional toll of divorce is often more than enough for an individual to handle. When the process is exacerbated by financial complexities, a family law attorney may be vital. With a strong legal advocate by his or her side, hopefully the party will be able to reach a favorable resolution that leaves him or her on firm footing to start a new life.

Source: The Star Democrat, "Senator's wife files for divorce, alleges adultery with former aide," Gail Dean, Jan. 4, 2014

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