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Seeking sole child custody can be hard, but being prepared is key

Several things may go through the minds of Maryland residents who are considering a divorce. How the couple will divide their assets, whether spousal support should be paid, and where one will live after the divorce is finalized can become all consuming concerns. Yet, often the first priority for those who have children and are considering divorce is child custody. While there are many types of custody arrangements, including joint custody and equal visitation, for some, sole custody may be best.

Seeking sole custody can be difficult. Many times, the debate will become contentious as the other parent typically will not voluntarily give up his or her physical custody of the child. For this reason, a parent seeking sole custody should be prepared to go to court over the issue. A Maryland family law attorney can help the parent prepare for any hearings, putting him or her in the best position possible to reach an outcome that is beneficial for the child.

When a custody agreement cannot be hashed out between two parents and the decision is left in the hands of a judge, he or she will seek to reach a resolution that supports the child's best interest. Thus, a judge will look to certain factors to help him or her render the decision. Amongst these factors is any history drug or alcohol abuse, mental heal issues, child abuse, financial stability and overall parenting ability. Being prepared to answer these questions may give a parent a leg up on another parent who may deny any negative claims.

Emotions often run high when a child custody battle arises. With anger and frustration clouding the issue, it can often be difficult to make clear decisions. An attorney, who is caring but not emotionally invested, can be a powerful ally by advising and helping a party make favorable legal decisions. This help will hopefully bring a desirable outcome, allowing the parent and his or her child to start their new life together on the right foot.

Source: American News Report, "Getting Sole Custody of Your Child," Feb. 17, 2014

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