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Woman loses child custody for prescription drug abuse

Many Maryland parents who are going through a divorce know the difficulties faced when battling for child custody. Though oftentimes this issue can be settled amicably, other times parents seem to throw each other under the bus in an effort to make their home look more suitable for their children. While this strategy is sometimes used to negligently make false allegations, in many cases it can paint a clear picture of how the child's parents live, thereby giving a judge a chance to make a decision that best supports the child's best interest.

Dividing complicated assets during a divorce in Maryland

A divorce involves a lot of unpleasant emotions, but many Maryland residents who have been through the process can testify that a lot of the process boils down to paperwork. Some of the most complicated of this work involves dividing the marital property, and the more complicated the property, the more complicated the property division. For this reason, high asset divorce often involves a lot more work than divorce for couples with lower incomes.

Divorce rate may have been increasing for past 30 years

It seems like for years experts have been telling us that divorce rates in America have been going down. In fact, population experts have analyzed US Census data as well as other sources to conclude the rate of divorce among Americans has been dropping since the 1970s. But two researchers from the University of Minnesota recently released a study analyzing other sources of information that show the divorce rate has been increasing over the same period of time. Though these conflicting reports may be troublesome, the truth may come out in time as the US Census has now adopted divorce-related questions into its survey.

Dispute resolution can help when divorce involves a business

Getting a divorce can be difficult under any circumstances, but perhaps more so when the splitting couple owns a business together. There are several ways business related issues can be handled during a divorce. The couple may decide to sell the business and split the proceeds, one party may wish to buy the other side out, or the divorcing parties may wish to continue to own the business together despite their marriage dissolution.

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