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Divorce rate may have been increasing for past 30 years

It seems like for years experts have been telling us that divorce rates in America have been going down. In fact, population experts have analyzed US Census data as well as other sources to conclude the rate of divorce among Americans has been dropping since the 1970s. But two researchers from the University of Minnesota recently released a study analyzing other sources of information that show the divorce rate has been increasing over the same period of time. Though these conflicting reports may be troublesome, the truth may come out in time as the US Census has now adopted divorce-related questions into its survey.

Though it is important to study the prevalence of divorce in our country and in Maryland, statistics mean nothing to those who are amidst a divorce. For these individuals, they may think the process is as seen on the big screen, full of drawn-out, emotion-filled tongue-lashings that seem to go nowhere. Fortunately, this usually is not the case and, in some instances, a divorce can actually proceed on amicable terms.

The collaborative practice is one that focuses on bringing a divorcing couple together to discuss how to best dissolve their marriage. Many times these sessions include additional parties who are there to help, including divorce coaches, financial experts and child specialists so all divorce legal issues can be resolved in a way that is fair for both parties. These issues include property division, spousal support, child custody, visitation rights and child support.

Divorce, no matter how common, does not have to be ugly. Those who can communicate easily with their spouse should consider taking the collaborative approach so they can end their marriage on good terms and can start their new lives on fair terms.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Is the US Divorce Rate Going Up Rather Than Going Down?" Robert Hughes, Jr., March 6, 2014

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