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April 2014 Archives

After divorce, who must keep paying student loans?

When individuals choose to marry, they tend to pool their incomes and pay their bills out of that mutual resource. It does not matter who incurred the bill or how much income is earned by each spouse. Most of the time, all income and expenses are treated as the equal responsibility of each spouse. However, this kind of approach becomes challenging when couples choose to divorce and seek to determine an equitable distribution of marital property.

Does conscious uncoupling help or harm healthy co-parenting?

Over the past several weeks, the term "conscious uncoupling" has been receiving a great deal of media attention. Though she did not coin this term, Gwyenth Paltrow helped to make it famous when she used it to describe how she is approaching her split from her husband. Whether you are intrigued or annoyed by the idea of conscious uncoupling, it is worth examining if you are struggling with your own approach to divorce, a frustrating child custody situation or both.

Tips to ease the stressors of a Maryland divorce

When a Marylander who is getting divorced or considering divorce thinks about all the work to be done and the issues to be addressed, he or she may feel overwhelmed. Property must be classified, valuated and divided, child custody arrangements must be made, and child support and alimony must be determined. Though the marriage dissolution process may leave one feeling stressed, there are certain steps that may help ease the burden.

Maryland woman shares domestic violence story to raise awareness

Domestic violence takes many forms. In several cases, disputes arise between current or former couples over a variety of familial issues, including child custody, child support and financial problems. In other instances, individuals may find themselves threatened by a neighbor or a complete stranger. No matter the circumstances, victims of domestic violence should know that help is available, and one Maryland woman is sharing her story to help raise awareness.

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