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Tips to ease the stressors of a Maryland divorce

When a Marylander who is getting divorced or considering divorce thinks about all the work to be done and the issues to be addressed, he or she may feel overwhelmed. Property must be classified, valuated and divided, child custody arrangements must be made, and child support and alimony must be determined. Though the marriage dissolution process may leave one feeling stressed, there are certain steps that may help ease the burden.

First, those going through a divorce should expect the process to take a while to complete. By having this expectation, but hoping for a quicker resolution, a divorcing party will hopefully avoid emotional burn out. Second, divorcing individuals should consider how their lives will be affected if legal issues are settled in a particular way. For example, one should consider if he or she would be better off taking a home over retirement accounts. A divorce attorney may be helpful in evaluating these issues and their potential outcomes, and then develop a legal strategy that supports the most favorable position.

Third, those splitting from their spouse should find support. The emotional help offered by friends and family can go a long way toward feeling as if there is a future beyond the divorce. This way, a divorcing individual can continue through the process with encouragement and confidence. Fourth, one should take their time when considering divorce settlement offers. Making impulsive decisions and rushing to finish the divorce process may lead to unintended outcomes that leaves an individual cheated out of what was rightfully his or hers.

Another way to ease the contentiousness of divorce is to go through divorce mediation. Through this dispute resolution process, a neutral mediator is present to help the divorcing couple reach a resolution that is fair. By avoiding court and working with a disinterested third party, divorcing individuals in Maryland may feel more confident in their ability to reach an agreement that leaves them in a position to start their new life off on a strong foundation.

Source: CBS News, "Divorce financial planning: 8 tips to get what you need in a divorce," Robert Pagliarini, March 31, 2014

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