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May 2014 Archives

Why the divorce party trend seems to be here to stay

For the past several years, party planners, florists and cake makers have received an increasing number of requests for divorce-themed celebrations. Some of these celebrations are uplifting and focus on the future of the individual who is divorcing. Others are more focused on detaching from a spouse who may not have been a healthy choice. These spouses may even be depicted in cake form as being eaten by a dinosaur or meeting some other grisly fate.

Listen up, divorced parents!

Several days ago, we wrote about how to make your co-parenting relationship less stressful. However, it is also important to educate yourself on how to make life less stressful for your child in the wake of divorce. No matter how your child custody arrangements are constructed, if you have chosen to remain in your child’s life, there are a few things that you may benefit from considering if you want to make your child’s life even healthier and happier than it is now.

How parents can co-parent more successfully and less stressfully

Co-parenting can be a stressful process. Even if both parents have their child’s best interests at heart and generally get along with their former romantic partner, the very act of trying to coordinate two separate households in ways that benefit everyone can be frustrating and somewhat exhausting. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to make your co-parenting relationship less stressful and more effective generally, no matter how your child custody arrangements are structured.

Will you 'graduate' from the school of divorce mediation in 2014?

Graduation season is upon us. All over the nation, preschoolers, kindergarteners, high school students, college students and grad students are preparing to accept their diplomas. Graduation marks a significant transition from one life phase to the next. So does divorce. Although your shift from married life to single life may not include a celebratory ceremony attended by wise speakers, there is much wisdom to take from this transitional experience.

How to support a loved one navigating his or her divorce

It is never easy to watch loved ones struggle. Sometimes individuals need to fight their way through certain life events, but this necessity rarely makes it easier to observe. For example, choosing to divorce may be the healthiest choice that a particular loved one can make given his or her unique situation. However, watching someone you care about navigate the heartbreak of divorce can feel devastating.

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