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Why the divorce party trend seems to be here to stay

For the past several years, party planners, florists and cake makers have received an increasing number of requests for divorce-themed celebrations. Some of these celebrations are uplifting and focus on the future of the individual who is divorcing. Others are more focused on detaching from a spouse who may not have been a healthy choice. These spouses may even be depicted in cake form as being eaten by a dinosaur or meeting some other grisly fate.

Whether you choose to celebrate your divorce with some sort of symbolic gesture or celebration is entirely up to you. It does seem though that more individuals are choosing to do so in recognition of the fact that divorce represents a major transition from one phase of life to the next. Just as loved ones help to celebrate marriages, graduations, births and other major milestones in someone’s life, you may wish to have your loved ones help you celebrate this one.

As one party planner recently explained to The Huffington Post, “I've taken to naming (divorce parties) freedom fests, as you aren't celebrating the end of the marriage but the freedom you have chosen in your life.”

Although some individuals consider divorce celebrations to be inappropriate or simply not the right choice for them, it seems as though the trend of throwing divorce parties is not going anywhere soon. As individuals are drawing strength and inspiration from these gatherings, they are likely to multiply over time rather than to fade away as a simple fad.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Yes, Divorce Parties Are A Thing -- Here's Why More And More People Are Throwing Them,” Leanne Italie, May 28, 2014

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