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Preparing emotionally for the divorce mediation process

We frequently write about various challenges traditionally associated with the divorce process. Those individuals who choose to mediate their divorces tend to be able to sidestep a number of these challenges including complex litigation sessions and a divorce settlement that is ultimately determined by a judge as opposed to the parties affected by the process.

However, divorce mediation is often far from a walk in the park despite its numerous advantages. As a result, it is important to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for your mediation sessions. Failure to do so could lead you to make rash decisions based on your emotional state instead of thinking clearly about how to best move forward in healthy ways.

It is important to understand that even when you have made the decision to avoid litigation that the divorce process can be rough. The hurts, anger, fears and other negative emotions traditionally associated with divorce may rear their ugly heads just as easily in a mediation session as they many in a courtroom. Therefore, it is critical that you take excellent care of yourself during this time and prepare yourself mentally so that you can handle your emotions in healthy ways during your mediation sessions.

In addition, it is critical that you find a way to place yourself in a forward-thinking mindset during your mediation process. It is normal and healthy to grieve and to reflect frequently on your marriage as you make the transition from married life to single life. However, your mediation is about getting the property and custody rights you need to move forward in a healthy way. Grieve, reflect and process your divorce. But also place yourself in a position to focus on the future when you are sitting at the mediation table.

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