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What poor sleep during your divorce may cost you

There are many reasons why you may be tossing and turning at night in the wake of your decision to divorce. First, you may be worried about how the divorce will affect your kids, your finances, your relationships with mutual loved ones, your living situation and any number of other fixtures in your life. Second, you may simultaneously physically exhausted and mentally amped up from the stress you are under. Finally, you may simply have trouble sleeping because you are not used to being in bed alone.

However, it is critical for both your own health and the success of your divorce process that you seek adequate rest whenever possible. Research out of the University of Arizona indicates that if you consistently fail to obtain adequate sleep longer than 10 weeks post-split, you risk suffering long-term spikes in blood pressure. This kind of biological response to stress and fatigue can cause or exacerbate any number of challenging medical conditions.

In addition, seeking adequate rest is important for the health of your divorce process. As you transition from married life to single life, you need to be as mentally alert, engaged and present as possible when making major decisions that will affect your future. If you are exhausted when you are negotiating or litigating your divorce, divvying up your property or responding to your child's needs during this time, you will not be able to give your full attention to the situation at hand.

Resting in the wake of a decision to divorce can be unquestionably difficult. However, it is in your best interest to seek adequate rest whenever you can.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Tossing and Turning Over Your Divorce? You May Be Losing More Than ZZZ's," Katie Parsons, Aug. 21, 2014

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