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Avoid these high-asset divorce missteps

If you and your spouse are wealthy and have complex assets, the property division portions of your pending divorce may seem overwhelming right now. Because you will soon be navigating some of the most challenging aspects of a high-asset divorce process, it is critical to both hire an attorney experienced in this specific kind of divorce and to take proactive steps towards securing a fair divorce settlement.

Divorce: Searching for assets your spouse may have hidden

For most Americans, divorce tends to affect nearly every aspect of an individual’s finances. Fighting for a fair and equitable divorce settlement may be a relatively expensive process for some individuals. However, the structure of any given divorce settlement will almost certainly affect an individual’s financial stability and success well into the future. As a result, it is important to ensure that property division settlements are fair to both affected parties.

Why the divorce party trend seems to be here to stay

For the past several years, party planners, florists and cake makers have received an increasing number of requests for divorce-themed celebrations. Some of these celebrations are uplifting and focus on the future of the individual who is divorcing. Others are more focused on detaching from a spouse who may not have been a healthy choice. These spouses may even be depicted in cake form as being eaten by a dinosaur or meeting some other grisly fate.

After divorce, who must keep paying student loans?

When individuals choose to marry, they tend to pool their incomes and pay their bills out of that mutual resource. It does not matter who incurred the bill or how much income is earned by each spouse. Most of the time, all income and expenses are treated as the equal responsibility of each spouse. However, this kind of approach becomes challenging when couples choose to divorce and seek to determine an equitable distribution of marital property.

Dividing complicated assets during a divorce in Maryland

A divorce involves a lot of unpleasant emotions, but many Maryland residents who have been through the process can testify that a lot of the process boils down to paperwork. Some of the most complicated of this work involves dividing the marital property, and the more complicated the property, the more complicated the property division. For this reason, high asset divorce often involves a lot more work than divorce for couples with lower incomes.

Wife of Maryland Senator files for divorce

Readers of this blog are well aware of the legal issues that may arise during a divorce proceeding. Especially when the divorce does not end amicably, disputes arising out of these issues can be highly contentious. The battles can become even more intense when one party has a high income or it is a high asset divorce. Couples in these situations may have difficulty valuing assets and deciding upon asset division, child support and alimony. In addition to facing these complications, a high profile divorce may be damaging to one's reputation and career.

Settlement reached in Rupert Murdoch's high asset divorce

Divorce can be difficult in any situation, but it can be especially complex when the couple has a high income and a lot of assets. A high asset divorce can bring challenges related to asset division which, if not handled properly, can leave an individual feeling as if he or she did not get a fair share of the marital property. One famous couple has reached an agreement regarding their divorce, and Maryland residents should take note of how these situations can be handled.

Famous music producer's wife files for divorce

For many, divorce is extremely difficult. The emotional toll taken on the parties involved can be immense, which may cause serious outbursts, arguments, and depression. On top of the pain and difficulty caused by the thought of ending a marriage, a couple must also deal with the realities of asset division. The division of property can be difficult for any divorcing couple, but it can be especially complex for those dealing with a high asset divorce.

Rupert Murdoch marriage termination example of high asset divorce

Divorce can be extremely difficult. Emotions run high and the two parties must deal with issues of debt, asset division, and, if children are involved, child custody and child support. There is a lot at stake in these instances, and in Maryland, if an agreement is not reached between the two parties, a court will likely seek equitable distribution of marital property. Yet, in cases of high asset divorce, equitable distribution may not be in a party's best interest.

Can you be financially secure after a high asset divorce?

Maryland residents may already know that one half of all first marriages end in divorce, and approximately 65% of second marriages end in divorce. In addition to these statistics, divorces are becoming more and more or an issue for individuals who are nearing retirement age. Women are statistically at a financial disadvantage when a high asset divorce occurs, although this is changing as more and more women surpass men in earnings.

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