Parent Coordination

All of the attorneys at Avery & Upton are trained parent coordinators and are available to take parent coordination cases in Montgomery County, Frederick County, and Howard County, Maryland.

Parent coordination is a child-focused process in which highly trained professionals assist parents to implement their parenting plan or custody order by assisting them in reaching resolution of their disputes in a timely manner.  The goal of parent coordination is to assist parents in making decisions regarding their children in a healthy manner, to improve communications skills between the parents, and to ensure that each parent is in compliance with their parenting plan without having to repeatedly return to the court process.

As parent coordinators, we help parents to reach decisions about their children’s schooling, health, extracurricular activities, and other issues that arise related to the children. We work with parents on strategies and skills to keep disputes between them away from the children.  No child should be stuck in the middle of warring parents.  Having a process, guided by a highly trained professional, to assist parents make decisions for their child (or children) can allow kids to be kids and enjoy a conflict-free existence.